14. – 15. dubna 2015, Praha

Záštitu nad 15. energetickým kongresem ČR převzal předseda vlády České republiky Bohuslav Sobotka
a Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu České republiky.
Úvodní referát přednese ministr průmyslu a obchodu Jan Mládek.

Topics of the Congress:

  • Energy Union and 2030 Climate and Energy Framework
  • Energy security
  • Present status of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its impact on the gas market
  • Diversification of gas and oil supplies and their transport routes
  • Impact of the low oil and gas prices on the economy and energy sector and the forecast of oil and gas prices development
  • „Energiewende" in Germany – at present and its prospects
  • National Energy Strategy of the CR and the National Action Plan for Nuclear Power Development
  • Compatibility of the existing draft of the National Energy Strategy with the latest trends in Europe and in Germany
  • What opportunities and risks does transformation of the European energy sector pose to the Czech Republic?
  • Energy efficiency and energy conservation
  • Preparation for the 4th Regulatory Period
  • Development trends in the energy sector – what opportunities arise in the energy sector of the early 21st Century?
  • Small-scale and decentralised energy sector
  • Digital energy network


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