Jiří Stich

Grant Help Advisory s.r.o.


Jiří Stich has spent nearly 20 years in the ITC. For last ten years he has been involved in the Smart Concepts - first in the energy sector (Smart Metering, Smart Grids) and now in the urban sector (Smart Cities/Regions). He participated in major projects commissioned by energy utilities such as Wide Pilot AMM Project for ČEZ Měření (metering subsidiary of ČEZ), Implementation of the Dispatching Control System for ČEZ Distribuce, AMM Implementation for E.ON Hungary and more recently Generation Adequacy Project for ČEPS (Czech TSO). He was also involved in the Slovak national project of RISK 1, basic and applied research for Smart Grids where he was a technical team leader representing Atos IT Solutions and Services. He also led the team which designed the Atos Smart City Concept for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. As a representative of Atos IT Solutions and Services he was one of the founding members of the Czech Smart City Cluster and co-author of the Smart City methodology for this Cluster. To date he has been the member of the executive committee of the Cluster. In the past he worked as a manager in many multinational companies such as Telefónica, NESS Czech and Atos IT Solutions and Services where he acquired a lot of experience. He now capitalises on this experience working for Grant Help Advisory, a company where he is a partner and where he draws from his own expertise, academic research and know-how of his business partners in helping customers for Smart Concepts to identify and satisfy their needs.